About Us

GoGo Healthy Kids is a sports organisation based in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and brings Physical Activity, Sports, Active Play, fitness, healty habits, learning and FUN to your local community. We are training and educating children & hopefully parents on the fundamental skills for leading a more active, healthier and happier life.  

We started our "GoGo classes" 5 years ago, and they have been an immediate success in all the schools we were given the opportunities to start them. We are running our classes at various schools in Sydney and are offering children different Fundamental skills every week such as: balance, speed, hand eye, coordination, strength, stamina, throwing, catching, kicking... The children will also learn in what sports to use these fundamental skills and how to improve their skills.

Through these specially developed activities, GoGo kids will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence discover their favourite sports and activities plus to join a sports club. Fundamental Skills, Physical Activity, Fitness and nutrition are a learned behaviour and we aim to teach these important life skills in a fun, supportive and team focused environment.

GoGo Healthy Kids - our next generation.

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