Important information

Even though our party castles are manufactured and designed using the strictest worldwide standards which make them amongst the safest, accidents can still occur. Children can fall over and bump their head in your living room or fall over and hurt their arm while playing in a typical backyard, so anything is possible with an active child and even so on our party castles. We aim to provide a safe, fun and active environment. However we are still not child proof, as nothing can be. Supervise your children at all times, follow the safety training that we provide to you and that should make for a great day for you, your family and your guests.

Basic requirements

Every castle booking requires a level ground area at least the size indicated for each castle (go to the castle description page), preferably grassed. This area also needs to have open space above it so look out for trees, power lines, pergolas etc that encroach on to your designated ground space. Most of our castles are at least 3m tall. Then we need access to power for the full booking time (a generator can be hired for use at a park) and we need access to get the castle in and out. For the backyard castle bookings a pathway at least 1.2m wide is needed and manoeuvring the castle up and over stairs, decks or any other structures/obstacles is generally not possible. If you are not sure as to the suitability of your site please phone our office to arrange a site inspection.


At GoGo Inflatables we are committed to deliver and setup your inflatable before your requested schedule. Please allow 15 minutes to assemble and 15 minutes to dismantle and pack up. It might take longer to setup and pack up depending on pathways, steps and any other obstacles i.e. air conditioning units, water heaters or un even surface. Delivery and setup is absolutely FREE within 20km radios of our warehouse, which covers majority of Sydney metro area.

Safe Usage

Jumping and bouncy castles are fun and should be supervised at all time and our supervisors request riders to jump on the surface of the jumping castle, rather than "Crashing" into the walls of the castle. Children or patrons who jump into the walls are at risk of rebounding into other children or rider's causing injury. Although it may be fun at the time, operators who encourage your children to jump and bounce off walls may be putting your children at unnecessary risk. Netted walls of our Jumping Castles, absorb the riders body weight lowering them gently to the surface and returns its shape once the riders move back into the jumping area.


Supervision is the key to any event or function, where amusement equipment and children are present. Prior to each event the adult (18 years and over) entering into the hire agreement will be trained by the installer on how to supervise the jumping castle during the event and the safe operations of the jumping Castle. A supervisor is required at all times to be in attendance supervising the operation of the jumping castle.

For functions that are held in public places and are open to any member of the public (fetes, carnivals etc) GoGo Sports will be required to provide a fully trained supervisor for the event. For private functions (such as birthday parties) held in public parks etc please contact our office to find out about supervising your own party.


All our inflatables are CE approved and conform to EN71, EN14960, ISO and ASTM, Australian Standards AS3533.4.1-2005.

The material for our inflatable is 18oz pvc coated fire retardant tarpaulin, which is known for it's durability, tear strength, and long lasting quality. Double stitching throughout the unit with triple stitching and quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit.

Safety Mats

Every Jumping Castle or Bouncy Castle supplied is installed with a soft crash mat at the front entrance, just to make sure any accidental falls or spills getting in or out of the jumping castle are met with a softer landing.

Electrical Safety Switches

Because accidents, blackouts, storms and power surges do happen, GoGo Sports Jumping Castles and inflatable's come with an Electrical Safety cut out switch in case of such an incident and all blowers and leads are tagged and tested according to Australian Standards.

Pegs / Sandbags

Pegs used to hold down jumping castles should be no less than 300mm in length and a minimum thickness of 16mm and our company uses pegs of at least this standard. The pegs used with our castles are rounded on top and finish flush with the ground, which reduces the risk of trip hazards and injury. Where Pegs cannot be used sandbags are affixed to each of the anchor points to ensure stability and integrity of the structure


GoGo Sports holds a certificate of currency for $10,000,000 Public Liability and is underwritten by Sports Underwriting Australia. A copy of our certificate of currency is available to all customers upon request.

Operating in Wet Weather

We provide shade and shower covers with all products however issue a caution to customers about wet weather. During wet weather, a rain cover will cause the rain water to run off around the sides of the jumping castle and although the rain cover may stop rain and water from falling directly into the castle, the lying bodies of water can also create slip and fall hazards around the castle. Bodies of water outside the castle can be transferred inside the castle with wet feet, causing the jumping castle surface to become slippery and dangerous.

GoGo Sports Inflatables does not install jumping castles during rain. If it is raining on the morning of your party or event we will contact you firstly to see if your party is still proceeding and if it is raining at your location. If it is not raining we will install your castle as normal. Once the castle is installed and the hire agreement is entered into, the castle hire is payable in full.

Should it rain during the hire, we advise all customers during training before the hire to stop use of the jumping castle during rain and only proceed to use the Jumping Castles again after rain has ceased and the jumping castle is dry. This reduces the risk of any slip and fall incident.

If you elect to postpone your booking because of bad weather you should notify us prior to the booking and you will not be charged a cancellation fee. Your booking deposit is non refundable however this can be transferred and used at any time for your next booking within 6 months of the cancellation.

For any other questions or enquiries please contact us and we will be able to help you out.