GoGo Sports @ Home program Term 3 2021

The GoGo Healthy Kids Sports Programs are a great way for kids to be entertained this term either when they are homeschooling or attending school. Our program will improve their fundamental movement skills, learn new sports, staying fit and healthy and most importantly having fun. Each day will have a different program to keep all children active, interested and make sure they learn new skills every day!!

Active Kids are Happy Kids!! Move and play everyday!!

Join our GoGo Sports coach live delivered to you via an interactive digital GoGo Sports classroom, right in your living room or in your garden.

Each session we will use minimal equipment and demonstrate different activities, techniques and challenges so that each kid can participate at their own level in their own home.

Our classes are aimed at all primary school aged children and will give the kids the chance to improve their skills, technique, get ideas about activities you can do at home, we will show them different GoGo challenges and levels so they can keep practising at home and most of all they have fun being active!

Activities will vary for each session, in order to keep kids engaged and moving. Each session is designed so that no parental supervision is required, however, we recommend for children aged 5 – 7 that parents are present for the first session or they can even join the GoGo Sports fun!

GoGo Sports @ Home schedule Term 3 2021: 


Improve your footwork, agility, speed, jumping and loads more with our Athletics at home program.


 A combination of Soccer skills, technique, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting and different challenges for at home.


Join our Ninja Warrior class for lots of strength, coordination, endurance, obstacles and challenges.


Get your handball ready and join in for our Handball party. Lots of throwing, catching, hitting and challenges to practice at home!


A combination of fundamental skills, different sports and our favourite challenges.

Parent information

Times:              7:45am - 8:45am and 3:15pm - 4:00pm        
To Bring:         Your own device, safe space and minimal equipment
Costs:                $10 (Incl GST) per screen per clas, $15 for two classes and $40 for unlimited classes per week 
Availability:       Only 15 spots per class!!



  • Our classes are delivered via Zoom, a high performance video chat platform. You will need a reliable internet connection, with a minimum speed of 1Mpbs for both upload and download and a charged up and/or plugged in device to stream the workshop. You can test your speed here. 
  • Your Zoom link and instructions on how to connect will be sent to you within 48 hours of your booking confirmation.
  • As per our child protection policy, we do allow audio or visual of your child during the program. All communication is performed through video, audio or written chat. Please be aware that if your child is young or has difficulty typing they may require your assistance to best use the chat function for full interactivity.
  • While it is not necessary for parents to be physically sitting in the room with the children, they do need to be nearby and able to assist if necessary.
  • For the provider’s T&Cs including cancellation policy, click here.