Kindamindi Child Care Centre

Junior GoGo Multi-Sports program

Junior GoGo aims to improve every childs physical skills, to boost their confidence and develop teamwork. Most important is that all children participate at their own level while they are active and have lots of fun!!

During our specially developed 10 week program the children will learn fundamental movement skills like running, jumping, ball skills, throwing & catching, balancing, rolling, coordination and teamwork. They will also learn the basics of lots of different sports like Soccer, Tennis, Footy, Volleyball, Basketball, T-ball, Gymnastics and Athletics. Last year we have added Frisbee and European Handball to our program and off course we will bring our Music Box every week to make it even more Fun.  

Term 1 2017
Days:                  Monday and Thursday afternoons
Times:               2:30pm - 3:00pm 
Costs:                $120 (incl GST) per Term
Dates:                Monday 6th January until Thursday 6th July 2017
Location:           Playground Kindamindi
Availability:       Still some spots Available

Term 2 2017
Days:                 Monday and Thursday afternoons
Times:               2:30pm - 3:00pm 
Dates:                Monday 24th April until Thurday 29th June 2017                                                             
Costs:                 $120 (Incl GST) per Term
Location:           Playground Kindamindi 
Availability:       Still spots available