6 - 9 Years 

Catch up with your friends during your child's Birthday while all the children are Active and having lots of Fun? Please have a look at our Birthday Party options and choose your child's favourite. Our qualified coaches will make sure your child will have a unforgettable Birthday and you can just sit back, relax and enjoy watching the children having a great Birthday.


GoGo Multi Sports Party

A Combination of our most popular GoGo activities from our primary school programs. This program includes tip games, relays, ball activities, team work, dodgeball and Tug a War. Does your child loves one particular sport please let us know and we will make sure we include this in our program.

Kick and Fun Party

Does your child loves Soccer, Footy and running around with their friends? This great party will combine all these thing with actvities & games that will challenge children from all skill levels.

GoGo Dodgeball Challenge

Does your child enjoy dodgeball like everyone else on the planet? Then this party is the one for your child with a range of challening dodgeball games and activities for everyone.

Eurolympics Party

This party is packed with Olympic activities combined with European games and activities. 

Would you like to combine some of your child's favourite Party Activities? We can create a Birthday Program especially for you.