Before & After School GoGo Classes

Before and After School GoGo classes are designed to create a FUN & Active environment for all kids while learning new skills, sports and techniques

Our classes are designed to have have fun and making sure children have an active and healthy start of the day, so they are more concentrated during the school day. 

Join our 10 week GoGo Sports Fun Program at your school now as there is no better way than a Fun & Active start or end of your day. Our program has a different focus every week so children will improve their fundamental movement skills, Coordination & Balance, Strength, Endurance, Speed and lots of Fun activiities. 

Some of the Activities included in our program are: Footwork, Coordination, Ball Skills (Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, Hockey, Volleyball, T-Ball), Balance Balls, Balance Discs, Throwing & Catching, Circus, Skipping and lots more..

GoGo Sports 
Does you child likes sports and being active but can't choose his/ her favourite? Try our new GoGo Sports program. A mix of fundamental movements skills, fun activities and every week we will focus on a different sport. What about Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, T-Ball, Cricket, Footy, Volleyball, Boxing, Athletics and Frisbee.. Try them all in our new 10 week program!!  

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Maximum 24 children per class

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Before  & After School Fitness Classes